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Artist Statement

The world has its spectrum; I have mine.

My deutan colorblindness shapes my view of the world and my experience within it. This condition enhances reds, dims greens, and blurs mid-spectrum hues into a muddy mix, fostering my need for contrast and distinctiveness. This vivid interplay of colors, which I describe as "melancholy dipped in sunshine," profoundly influences my work.

Creative Process

My creative process begins with intuitive experimentation in my Amsterdam atelier. Here I blend digital and generative technologies with the tactile nature of traditional media. This initial play helps me discover narratives that resonate deeply with me. As each artwork takes shape, I transition from spontaneous exploration to more structured methods. This shift is crucial—it allows me to deliberately shape my work while maintaining a fluid and dynamic creative process.

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Raison d'être

My subjects are often captured in moments of pause—mid-fall, mid-life, mid-dream—forever reaching for something just out of grasp. In these suspended moments, I explore the core human experience of enduring and navigating life’s challenges, which, while uniquely our own, are universally felt.

Through my art, I aim to evoke the shared emotions and experiences that connect us all, finding comfort and beauty in the collective weight of our human journeys.

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