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The 'Bird' figurine is not just a physical extension of my beloved visual artwork with the same name, but another dimension of my artistic exploration.

She emerges from a delicate interplay of light and shadow, the liminal space that have always fascinated me, and now, transcends into a tangible, three-dimensional form.

In times of noise and complexity, she represents the purity of peace, the virtue of objectivity, and the embrace of diverse perspectives - a reminder of the balance we strive for in our lives, radiating calm and love in her poised stillness.

The inaugural timed Limited Edition of 99 'White Bird' sold out to collectors across the globe. I'm really excited to offer a new Open Edition 'Bird' in an extended, unique palette - Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue, Turquoise, Black and of course, White

About this Open Edition

  • Hand-signed and made to order.
  • Polyamide 3D print with an almost bone-like surface that is very nice to the touch.
  • All 'Birds' have been hand-painted in my atelier except Yellow and Black that have been dyed with a special UV resistant pigment that I love.
  • Hand varnished with archival matte UV-lack but always keep art out of direct sunlight.
  • Global Delivery with Tracked & Insured shipping.
  • Delivered in a Premium "Nest" Gift Box with a Magnetic Closure Lid.