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Bird - Sculptures

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The 'Bird' figurine is not just a physical extension of my beloved visual artwork with the same name, but another dimension of my artistic exploration.

She emerges from a delicate interplay of light and shadow, the liminal space that have always fascinated me, and now, transcends into a tangible, three-dimensional form - a reminder of the balance we strive for in our lives, radiating calm and love in her poised stillness.

The inaugural timed Limited Edition of #99 'White Bird sculptures' sold out to collectors across the globe. I'm really excited to offer a new Open Edition of Bird in Yellow and Black and two sizes.

About this Open Edition

  • Hand-signed.
  • Polyamide 3D print with an almost bone-like surface that is very nice to the touch.
  • All 'Birds' have been hand-painted in my atelier except Yellow and Black that have been dyed with a special UV-resistant pigment that I love.
  • Hand-varnished with archival matte UV-varnish (but as always, keep art out of direct sunlight).
  • Global Delivery with Tracked & Insured shipping.
  • Delivered in a Premium "Bird Nest" Gift Box with a Magnetic Closure Lid.